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Criminal law on corruption

In recent years, the prosecution of corruption offenses has acquired great importance. In addition to the creation or tightening of criminal offenses (e.g., bribery and bribing in the healthcare system), the intensity of prosecution has also increased; this was fostered by the establishment of specialized prosecutor’s offices. Investigation proceedings are not only directed against officials but also against companies and their employees. Investigations on account of embezzlement and tax evasion normally are also connected with being accused of corruption allegations in the corporate area. Cases involving business relations abroad are increasingly prosecuted. Corruption proceedings typically find the special interest of the media with the result that companies are threatened – if only because of the suspected corruption having become publicly known – with reputation damages in addition to competitive consequences (see the nation-wide competition register).

Due to our long-standing experience in the defense against corruption allegations that frequently move in the legal limbo between entrepreneurial freedom and criminal liability we are able to identify and effectuate existing defense approaches. For the avoidance of corruption allegation we identify risky business practices in advance and take care of the legally secure design of business relationships. We support private companies as well as corporations under public law on the preparation of a code of conduct for the avoidance of corruption allegation. Our experience in the area of the criminal law on corruption is proven by various lectures and training courses as well as a considerable number of publications.