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Criminal law on appeal

In criminal proceedings on appeal, the decisions of the local, regional and higher regional courts are checked for the existence of errors of law (so-called reprimand due to procedural and material errors). The appeal is of particular importance in proceedings before the grand criminal division of the regional court since in that case it is the only legal remedy against the decision available to the person concerned. Apart from practical experience, the enforcement of a successful appeal requires the detailed knowledge of the relevant criminal provisions and procedural rules as well as the comprehensive adjudication of the supreme courts concerning this. The specific demands on the presentation of the error are of importance, too, which make the law on appeal a special matter in the area of the criminal law.

We have long-standing experience in conducting appeal proceedings, in particular to [before] the Federal Court of Justice. Our particular expertise is proven by a large number of publications (just see Schlothauer/Weider/Wollschläger, Verteidigung im Revisionsverfahren, C.F. Müller, 3rd ed. 2018) and the teaching activities of our lawyers in the area of the criminal procedure law.