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Corporate Criminal Law

Companies can be affected by criminal proceedings in many respects. At the beginning of an investigation, they may be the target of searches, seizures and the provisional freezing of assets by the investigation authorities. In the course of proceedings, fines and the final confiscation of assets may follow. Often accompanied by negative media coverage, this may have serious consequences – up to threat to the existence of the company. This already applies without the so-called Association Sanctions Act being introduced what has been abandoned for the time being, but already follows from the relevant provisions set forth in the Law governing Administrative Offenses by which liability has been extended into the area of breaches of the duty of supervision by managerial staff (in particular Sec 30, 130 Law on Regulatory Offenses (OWiG)).

We represent companies of all industries whose employees face criminal charges. Apart from the defense of the company itself, this may, in some circumstances, include the coordination of corporate and individual defense of the employees concerned, too. For this purpose, we have a network of colleagues with whom trusting cooperation has been established over the years. For the avoidance of criminal risks, we provide preventive advice.